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According to one of the many baby books, my name Atticus means:

"The name of a Roman scholar and master of Greek, publisher and patron of the arts (110-32 BC), so highly regarded as a man of taste and judgement during his lifetime that even Cicero submitted treatises to him. Harper Lee used the name for Atticus Finch, lawyer father of Scout and Jem in her novel To Kill a Mockingbird (1960)"

Atticus's 2009/10 school picture

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Atticus's Notes

I am Atticus Randolph Bassett and I was born at 3:04am on August 13, 2002. I weighed in at 8 lb 3.5 oz, and I was 21 inches long.

On this page I am going to share pictures and stories as I make my way through the world. Since I am pretty small, I will need Mommy and Daddy to help me!

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